Childhood Obesity

Children are the future of any nation. Their progress counts a lot for the progress of the entire nation. However, it has an equally adverse effect on the same, if the children are not up to the mark, especially in terms of health. One of the most critical health-related threat the entire nation is suffering from is Childhood obesity. The increasing number of people availing the obesity treatment in India is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, a considerably large proportion of childhood obesity later contributes towards the ever growing pool of adult obesity.

However, the good news is that certain minor changes or habits can ensure that childhood obesity stays far ways from the lives of children. If the surrounding environment of both school and home provide enough encouragement, then the children ought to make the health choices, both in terms of food and physical activities. Here are some of the guidelines to follow from infants to toddlers to school aged children-

1. To initiate breastfeeding as early as within an hour of birth

Unless the mother undergoes some treatment for stressed labor and is unable to breastfeed, it must be followed to ensure the baby’s sound health.

2. To breastfeed exclusively for the initial six months of the baby

The parent must take note that during the initial six months, nothing rather than breastfeeding to be administrated, not even water or honey.

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3. To introduce a stable, nutritious complementary solid food after six months along with breastfeeding up to the age of two or more

This complementary food must be rich in every possible nutrient. At first, it can be introduced in little amount and then gradually it can be increased to meet the requirements of the body. This should initially include fruits and vegetables and later fish, eggs and meat as well. Also, the parent must try to cook this food exclusively for the baby without much spice and salt.

4. To keep close eyes on diet and exercise

School-aged children must intake a balanced diet to fulfill the nutrient requirement of the body. This diet is to be enriched with cereals, pulses, grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Also, their parent should take note that the child gets adequate physical exercise.

By following such simple stages, the rate of childhood obesity can be addressed and curbed. It is worth a try before it is too late and availing obesity treatment in India in later life remains the only alternative.

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